10 Age-Old Marketing Techniques That Still Work

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The world of marketing has transformed drastically, especially over the last ten years. Past approaches are frequently being replaced by new ones. This is a byproduct of the changing technological landscape. Existing technology and tools today have made it easier to reach target audiences, appeal to them and elicit action. But, age-old marketing still has its place.

This is both exciting and scary for anybody who has spent a career in marketing or is just getting started. In some ways, the potential impact and intellectual stimulation are higher. This makes the role more fun and high-leverage. On the other hand, though, staying up-to-date with the latest trends is ever-more important. It is easy to fall behind and become obsolete. That makes it crucial for marketing professionals to stay up to date with the latest ways that they can reach and appeal to their audiences.

Regardless of everything that is changing, there are also some areas of marketing that have remained the same. Understanding these stable standards as a baseline is invaluable for anybody who shares a passion for marketing.

Here are 10 age-old marketing techniques, specifically, that have lasted the test of time and are worth knowing:

1. Make people feel important.

With all of the automation today, making people feel valued at an individual level is even more important. This comes in the form of personal communication (or at least making it seem like it is personal). When people feel like they are being personally taken care of, they are much more likely to engage with a product.

This also materializes in stronger relationships. When someone at your company develops a relationship with a prospective lead, that person will be much more inclined to buy your product. When we like people, we more frequently trust what they say. Keeping the well-being and happiness of your audience in mind will always be valuable.

2. Create a brand.

Establishing a powerful brand is even more important today than in the past as well. People are flooded with different brand names trying to sell them the next product. Establishing a powerful brand is a great way to differentiate yourself. Plus, it is easier to do so today.

You can utilize social media to build followings. You can also become a thought leader in your space, go to conferences and more to establish your business as a powerful brand.

3. Demonstrate the value proposition quickly.

You will always need to be concise with your messaging. Within just seconds, you want whoever is looking at your product to understand what you do. This eliminates the friction that comes with trying to understand the value added. The messaging can come in the wording that you use and even in your company slogan.

Whether someone is looking on your website or you are sending a cold email, you should be concise and clear when demonstrating what your company does and how you can help others.

4. Social proof.

Just about every successful business to business brand talks about their customers on their site. The reason is the power of social proof. Knowing that other legitimate companies/people are users of the product can tell a lot about its quality.

People love this social proof because it helps make their decision easier. Demonstrating that others benefit from what you have to offer will be a powerful marketing tactic for a long time.

5. Leave as little friction to getting started as possible.

There are a few cases where initial friction with the process can weed out bad users. Typically, though, it should be as easy for someone to get started with your product as possible. The more friction that exists, the higher chance there is for people to drop out of use too early.

6. Make people feel like they are missing out.

This is one of the oldest tricks in the books. People will respond much more quickly and decisively when they believe they are missing out (we’d call that FOMO today). This is combining messaging with social proof to demonstrate that anybody who is not currently benefiting from your services should start to do so immediately.

7. Discounts.

Offering products at a ‘discount’ is another classic way to improve your marketing efforts. Even if the discounted price is the real one, people are more inclined to make purchases when they believe that they are getting a good deal. Using discounts, limited offers and other types of deals will heavily incentivize and power your marketing efforts.

8. Reciprocity.

The ‘if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ idea is invaluable in marketing. We feel indebted to those that help us out. Therefore, as a business, you should help the people you are trying to sell to. This could be in the form of content, special gifts, or other benefits. Doing so will give them a sense of obligation to at least try your service out. That might be all that you need to close a deal.

9. Referrals.

Referrals are a powerful but underrated marketing tool. When you have customers that enjoy using your product, receiving referrals is an extremely high-leverage way to bring on more customers. These referrals could even include some sort of benefit back to the referrer. Most people are nervous to ask for referrals or are busy worrying about other channels. It is well worthwhile to take the time to try and collect referrals, though.

10. Figure out exactly who your target audience is.

One of the most important parts of marketing is knowing who you are trying to target. New tools today have changed the ways in which you can go about finding that answer and subsequently reach them. Putting an emphasis on finding that audience and going after them from the onset, though, is crucial.

Written by Max Palmer for Business2Community and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.

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